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We stock a wide range of gold items some are classic and others are modern or even bespoke pieces.


Our gold range is available in white, yellow or rose and we have a variety of 9ct 14ct 18ct and can source others if needed.


With gold being a more expensive choice, we rather help our customer save money by doing the leg work for them and finding them the best quality and price.


Please contact us today with your enquiry. 

Sterling Silver 925

Our collection of sterling silver jewellery, has many different styles and finishes.


Rhodium -  rhodium is plated on top of sterling silver to give it a white gold shine which doesn't tarnish

Yellow gold  - sterling silver dipped in a chemical plating solution to make the silver appear  yellow gold.

Triple gold plate - This is a more expensive solution and processes which is plated on top of the sterling silver giving it the appearances of real yellow gold.



This service is also available for white gold and platinum jewellery.

 Customers use this service to bring some of there favourite pieces of jewellery back to life and make them look band new.

Stainless Steel

Is a hard metal that can be worn all the time, including in water and during heavy duty work


Stainless steel has the appearance of silver and can also be plated with yellow or rose gold


this metal is popular as it has a luxurious appearance at an affordable price.


however stone setting in this metal is particularly difficult and is preferred in silver or gold 

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